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I’ve never been married. But I almost was, once.

My name is Paige, and I was never the girl who wanted to get married. Never thought about my wedding when I was little. Hated the cheesy traditions of it all. Truly thought it was a total waste of money. That is… until I fell in love.

But life never goes quite the way we expect it. Yet somehow, we’re raised in our culture to act like everything is okay—as if everything is always fine.

Well, it’s not. And I’m not being negative or pessimistic. I’m being brutally honest.

This blog is everything they don’t want you to think. That life isn’t always perfect. That the answer to “How’s it going?” doesn’t always have to be “Good. You?” That true love can fail at the worst times. That canceling a wedding when it’s not the right time shouldn’t make you feel ashamed or embarrassed. And that traveling and exploring the world isn’t always glamorous but sure is pretty damn healing.

From Married to Morocco was created out of my life being turned upside down and realizing that many people are too afraid to be real and talk about anything taboo. But it’s life. So my hope is for you to come here to relate, to understand that shit happens, and to find happiness in exploring the world and getting lost with me in each city I visit.



Paige is a published poet, award-winning video producer, blogger, and master of finding the best international travel deals and steals. In between scouring the internet for roundtrip flights that are practically robbing the airline industry and looking for her next adrenaline rush, she finds time to dive into the detail of her solo adventures on her blog, From Married To Morocco. Paige’s perspective on losing love and gaining life through her international adventures is a genuine look into the reality of the expectations of young women to settle down and have the “perfect wedding” rather than living the life they think they can only dream of. Born and raised in sunny South Florida, she was exposed to travel around the Caribbean at a young age and fell in love. Now it’s her goal to expose the ease of affordable solo international travel to empowered women around the globe.

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